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Factoids and Notes

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On March 13, 2020, we pulled up to the stage door of The Ritz, a restored theatre in Winter Haven, Florida. We were booked for a five-show run. It was already 90% sold and rushing towards a sell-out. 


We banged on the door, and a woman opened it. She didn’t introduce herself, but gave us the once over and said, “Go get yourselves a coffee. There's a meeting going on now.”  

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We drank our coffee, knowing our run was being cancelled. It was, and we were soon to lose 31 more performances.  


We’re spending our down time well: Zoom-meeting daily and producing more than 12-episodes of Living With the Virus with Naomi Lipschitz-Yamamoto-Murphy; redoing websites (such as this one); writing towards a new show…


We don’t yet know when we get back onto the road. But when we do? We want you to be there, too.  Please stay well. 

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