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Book Assisted Living: The Musical®

into your venue

The 80-minute, 18-character show is performed by its authors, Betsy Bennett and Rick Compton.

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In venues between 150- and 300-seats, the show works best in extended runs of as many as eight performances a week. Most often, a single pianist accompanies, perhaps with two other musicians.

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​In venues between 300- and 750-seats, the show works well with short runs, between three and five performances during a two- or three-day run. Often, the show will use between three and five musicians in these venues.

​In venues greater than 750-seats, one or two performances in a single day works well.  Most often, a seven-piece band accompanies it in halls this size. 

The traveling troupe is three, and the rider calls for nothing unusual. 

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​The target demographic is Baby Boomers. All Boomers know someone, have a relatives looking, or are considering retirement living themselves.    In addition,  caretakers and medical professionals prove to be a fertile source of ticket sales. Group sales also are fruitful. 

​A comprehensive marketing package comes with the show. The principals excel at in-character interviews in print or broadcast. 

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Producers, Inc. is the exclusive agency for Assisted Living: The Musical®, and all other Compton & Bennett shows. 

Some Venues Assisted Living: The Musical® Has Played

Scottsdale Performing Arts Center 

Mesa Performing Arts Center

The Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center, Orlando, FL 

The Grunin Performing Arts, Toms River NJ

San Antonio Performing Arts Center

The Sharon L. Morse Performing Arts Center in The Villages, FL. 

The Rose Performing Arts Center, Brampton, Ontario

The Eagle Theatre, Wabash , IN

The Tropicana, Atlantic City, NJ


El Portal Theatre, Hollywood, CA

The Colonial Theatre, Pittsfield, MA 

The Patchogue Theatre in NY. 

Scherr Forum Theatre, Thousand Oaks, CA

The Red Skelton Theatre, Vincennes, IN. 

Lakeland (FL) Performing Arts Center 

The Reilly Performing Arts Center, Ocala, Fl  

The Count Basie Theatre, Red Bank, NJ

Macomb Center, Clinton Township, MI                       

It’s even played Peoria's Apollo Theatre

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